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Lake Winter Fishing
Lake Winter Fishing

Winter Fishing – How to fish fore Crap and Bass in the winter

Yes winter is cold, winter is rainy and snowy at times. Heck we can tell you don’t go fishing in the winter because in the winter months out site traffic drops!

Start changing your fishing habits, enjoy the challenge of winter fishing. We know that many people tell you the fish go deep in winter and its just not as much fun, well they a wrong, not all fish go deep and the challenge is greater. make sure you dress up in worm cloths and start having fun in the winter.

One other great benefit is that the fishing areas a less crowded and if you book a hotel or other sleeping arrangements it will cost much less in the winter season – win win situation!

To make thing even better here are some tips that can help get the most out of your fishing trip –

1. Crap Winter Fishing Technique

  • try to worm up the fish and lure them to the target area you are aiming for. you can do that by throwing in the water some bait (natural ingredients only, it will keep that lake clean as well). This will encourage the Crap to concentrate in one place with food in mined.
  • In the winter you target area will be, unfortunately, the middle of the lake. This is where the fish go to in the winter.
  • We suggest you use a long fishing pole, that will help you reach the distant fishing target area.
  • After you have established a target area and brought the fish there by speeding enough bait to attract the dormant fish, you can try a simple technique that is fishing from the target area and out. Cast the line into the target area and slowly drag the line away from the target area so your fish encounter less competition for your bait. get your crap out of his “comfort zone”.
  • Raise the fishing rod upwards when you feel the fish coming. You want to get it closer to the water surface as much as possible, so you can be ready for netting the fish. The landing net should not touch the fish or the line otherwise you might lose the fish or unfortunately cut the line.

2. Crap Winter Fishing Tips

  • If you are fishing next to an area with big rocks you just might be in luck, because in the winter you can fined many fish hiding in that area.
  • We can tell you that some times fish will come to the shallow water near the rocks, and we are talking about winter time when usually fish tend to be deep in the center of the lake. The reason you can fined fish on the shallow water near the rocks is that the rocks generate heat that they absorbed form the sun creating at times a rise of 1 to 2 degrees difference in the water temperature that the fish can easily sense.
  • When you identify these fishing conditions, align your boat parallel to the rocks and target the fish that go near the rocks in the shallow water where it gets a little nicer for the fish.
  • In spite all recommendations (funny enough we even suggested that) DON’T BE AFRAID TO FISH SALLOW IN THE WINTER.

3. Bass Winter Lake Fishing – Finding Bass in a Lake

  • The first tip we can give you is that you must cover water in order to fined fish. in a big lake you can have many good fishing placed but you will have to fined them. there are no shortcuts. But don’t worry we are here to help you with that.
  • Look at the surface near the lake banks. what you are actually looking for is a change in “scenery and texture”.
  • When you spot a change of the lake bank texture like a change from gravel to big rocks or from sand to clay etc’ it means you are on to something. Fish love those scenery changes.
  • Now it is time to start exploring for fish.

4. Bass Winter Lake Fishing technique

  • As we previously mentioned fish go deep in the winter (see exception of rock shallow water fishing), therefor you must let the lure hit the bottom of the lake. The lure needs to contact the bottom of the lake quite frequently.
  • If there is grass on the lake bed it is more then prefect. the bait will seem to the fish as “jumping” out of the grass, and the Bass hiding in their coves or staying just above the grass just love that.
  • You might get hung up a little bit more with this technique, but it is more then worth it at the end.
  • Give the fish a unique presentation of the bait.

5. Bass Winter Lake Fishing recommended supplies

  • We recommend you use a crankbait or a lip-less crankbait when winter fishing for Bass in a lake. Crankbait provide the best presentation of lie like bait fish with those steel ball bearing rattles giving an aggressive edge to you fishing tackle.
  • We also recommend that you use a fiberglass fishing rod. With regards to Bass lake winter fishing our answer to the ancient old question of “fiberglass vs graphite fishing rods” we rule in favor of the fiberglass fishing rod. If you ask yourself which is better fiberglass or graphite the we say that the fiberglass rod is really forgiving and works great with handling a heavy catch. The main advantage is that it has a slow action to it, which means a kinda delays the reaction as appose to the Graphite made fishing pole that is extremely sensitive.
  • Fiber glass delays the reaction time so you don’t immediately pull the line and the lure. This is super important because we all tend to jerk the instant we feel the fish, but that is a bad habit which makes us lose great catches.
  • The fiberglass pole gives you that forgiveness with the slow action delaying the jerk reflex.
  • On the other hand you must remember that fiberglass comes with a price of being dull, you don’t get that sensitivity you are looking for at times, the sensitivity you get from a Graphite pole. The way to overcome this issue is to use a Fluorocarbon line with the combination of a crankbait lip-less or not.


We hope you found our tips and technique advise for winter fishing useful, dress warm and enjoy fishing


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