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Humminbird ONIX10ci SI Combo Review

This is a big gun. The ONIX is not for the novice angler it aims at the pro and the veteran well established boaters and anglers. Just take a look at some of the features it offers and it will tickle your finger tips to get one.

Humminbird ONIX supplies a full featured interface that’s completely customizable for the fishermen and vessel owner professional as well as recreational needs, while remaining very easy-to-use when using the full complement multi-touch screen capabilities.

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The included features are unparalleled on the market and make this unit one of the most versatile, powerful and simple to use. In the center of the device, users will discover all the advantages of this powerful Humminbird sonar, sophisticated navigation as well as Humminbird image resolution technologies from their fingertips, because of a radical new Cross Touchscreen navigation procedure.

Even though some touch Marine electronics units restrict operation at hand pointing, this Humminbird Touch Screen provides Multi-Gesture Manage, which lets a person navigate menus in addition to activate features using gestures just like a tap, swipe as well as pinch.

Cross touch also minimizes the actual potential problem whenever water touching the screen creating fake gestures. From marking waypoints together making use of your finger, naming those waypoints utilizing a virtual keyboard, to zooming the concentrate on fish-holding framework or even chart locations for just about any better look, or swiping in addition to dragging screens to create custom views, fishfinder make use of never been much more user-friendly than this particular.

Aside from the actual wonderful touch mat abilities, the ONIX is really a more complete gadget, since it additionally feature regular regulates for complete handle in bad environment.

ONIX FEATURES: 1024H 768V Best-in-Class Show Resolution; 10. 4″ High-Definition XGA LCD; Touch Sensitive Multi-gesture help Bright Images Understandable in Severe Sunlight; HD Side Imaging/HD Down Imaging; DualBeam Sonar w/SwitchFire; Digital Signal Processing (DSP); Internal Precision GPS Twin Facts Slots Also Includes; Built-In Tri-Fuel Cartography, for example Navionics®, C-MAP® associated with Jeppesen®.



Everything you are capable of doing with the touch screen, you can do while using touchpad – consequently rough conditions won’t compromise your handle.


The home main screen is precisely where settings, sensors, sights, valuable tools along with your favorite screen styles reside. From Currents navigating in order to GPS data as well as from there in order to get to sonar graphics, quickly access what you will need with a screen gesture as well as keypad. Your conditions and needs can be modified immediately.

Your ONIX Unit was already one step ahead. Adjust radar, sonar sensitivity as well as sonar range re-writing the integrated fly wheel about the ONIX keypad.


180-degree side-to-side perspective taking a look at the world below the face of the water with remarkable Element Imaging. Immediately, the ultra-thin beam scans the location up to 240 ft (75m) left and right from the boat location-for total coverage around 480 feet (150m).

Down Imaging – Get yourself a fish-eye’s view related to what’s happening under your boat utilizing Down Imaging. These incredible images are created with high-frequency appear waves emitted inside ultra-thin slices.

The sonar outcomes from these waves produce a “portrait”. As you patrol water body, you’ll view seafood, reefs and extra underwater habitat used with stunning depth.

360 Imaging – Visualize it such as thin sonar wall space extending 150 foot (45m) to either side from the vessel. This wall rotates to make a 300-foot (90m) group, helping you to determine areas virtually impossible to attain with other types of sonar. Because the particular sonar wall methods, you don’t have to, so you is able to see where fish are usually before they may detect you. SWITHCFIRE SONAR Distinctive Humminbird SwitchFire places anglers as a whole command of just how their sonar outcomes appear. With two unique display configurations, you can adjust to your fishing conditions while you go. Add as well as remove detail; consider water depth, warmth and turbulence; even try out lure presentation-all within the push of the actual button.


With the actual Humminbird Autopilot program you won’t ever deviate away through you route and you’ll get precise control in addition to proven performance. Thanks to user-friendly selections it is simple to navigate the Interface of the SC 110, along with a color sunlight-readable LCD. Exceptional course stability, great steering overall performance, as well like a significant reduced use of fuel.


Knowing your mapping requirements is subjective and you know best. With leading edge Trifuel Cartography, the Humminbird ONIX delivers exclusive utilization of Navionics, C-MAP and also the Humminbird charts. World-base maps via all three chartmakers are created into your ONIX gadget. For richer, thorough and advanced features, select the chart Facts that fits the area you need.

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Humminbird ONIX10ci Combo
Humminbird ONIX10ci Combo ONIX10ci Combo

Humminbird ONIX10ci Combo
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Humminbird Onix10ci Combo
Humminbird ONIX10ci SI Combo
Humminbird ONIX10ci SI Combo ONIX10ci SI Combo

Humminbird ONIX10ci SI Combo
Humminbird Onix10ci Si Combo Fishfinder / Gps

Humminbird Onix10ci Si Combo

This is a big gun. The ONIX is not for the novice angler it aims at the pro and the veteran well established boaters and anglers. Just take a look at some of the features it offers and it will tickle your finger tips to get one. Humminbird ONIX supplies a full featured interface that’s …

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